Monday, September 5, 2011

MY DAY: 9/3/11

B-Day: SEPT 8th
5 days before

 My building had a lil' FASHIONABLE Rooftop party to close out the summer! I invited a few friends that stay around BK, amazing energy, people, and views! We kicked off my B-DAY WEEK!
The Best Roomate ever: Tavon Nelson & Natalie Faye
Some of MY CREW:
Left -Right
Vin- Model
Royston Legore- Artist, Choreographer
Marc Clark: Designer
(T-shirt he is wearing is his personal collection available at Urban Outfitters)
2 Sexy women I had snap:
 on the right:
Nicole Oredroc
Having a little fun on my roof, ET..... Phone home! Ready to fly away!
Yea, thats right a C-SAW lol on my roof!
The "IT"crew: 
Left: Sheena Gardner
Middle: Roomy, & Natalie again
Right: Maricela Wilson
The Amazing design Team:
You definitely have to check out there stuff!!
for more of theirs designs check out

Cooking out "In the Pit"
Loved the Batman chain!
Joanne Portal, Mehdi Kay
singing: "They TOOK the night!"
Well, after the hot roof top moment the, police came and shut us down, so we had to move to my APT!
In kitchen:
Drinks: Thanks @Macallan
Look at homey: Bryan Taylor Johnson 
He's a amazing fashion photographer, so if you need some amazing pics, he's the guy

Check out more of his work:
This is my girl, she's is sooooo amazing
Miss Brittany Sade Hunter

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