Monday, September 19, 2011

New York Fashion Week 2011

I know you all have been waiting for my New York Fashion Week 2011 pics. Well here they are!
First Night: I really started on my actual birthday September 8th.
First stop Dolce & Gabbana Flagship store on Madison Ave. Fashion Night Out, is basically a big block party with most retailers open catering and offering drinks and music, to generate sales!
Fashion stylist: Lonnie & Nic for "Americas Top Model"
Tianna Taylor & her beautiful mom!

NEXT STOP: Donna Karan store for FNO
Me & Fashionista: Bevy Smith

I then went to Bergdorf  for their party, where my best friend was perforrming in a "Live Window", then I had to run to XEX Magazines party, to host their red carpet with the "Beekman Boys" from MTV.

SHOUT OUT: to XEX Magazine, thanks for making me the NEW Social Editor!

Interviewing  Actor: Justin
Interviewing editor of XEX Magazine: Sailey Williams
Marc Clarc and Crew

Last Stop:  Midtown for Private affair with Daniel Dejene, and "Legendary Damon", they are known for some of the hottest NY parties!
Celebrity Publicist:  Jason Parker
Me, Daniel Dejene, and J-Harris

Malik the Stylist on Left!
My homey on right: Drew -Vision make sure you check out his work amazing artist
1. Bergdorf Goodman window display for Fashion Night Out 9/8/11
2. Stylist: J. Cooper
3.  Male Model: Dre King
4. Me and Emil Wilbekin at Donna Karan's Fashion night Out Event 9/8/11
5. They call me "Simba" Sibonigile Cummings
6. Outside Milesmile Event By "Legendary Damion" & Ugo
1. Me and Alec Mapa from "Ugly Betty"
2. Marc Clarc (designer), Me, Miss Mo' (beauty expert), Mike
3. Me and the homie
4. Royston
5. IT girls for the night.
6. After party with UGO AND CREW
7. Me & Amber
8. Me & Steve
9. Omar and his homegirl
1. Me and Wynter Gordon ( recording superstar)
2. Bryan Taylor and Marc Clarc at Marc's Fashion week line relase now avaible in Urban Outfitters
3. Micheal Knight (designer from Project Runway)
5. Show case for desiggner: Marc Clarc

4. Amazing fashion releases for Mr. Leo called "Evident Future". This Line ROCKED!


Hosted by fellow ATL Celeb Blogger: Micah Jesse!

Great female models serving Remixed Hennessy all night!

Open bar by Hennessy

Far Left: Friend- Jey Van Sharp of My Uberlife
Far Right: Iday Kay- ALL DAY

My new rain Coat!

After Party with the fab designer twins, Coco and Breezy

Breaking out in a sweat!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Hey Guys/ Gals! As most of you know my birthday was on the 8th. It was also FASHION NIGHT OUT. I knew I couldn't compete, so, I decided to have my party on Saturday @DIV0


Join me in celebrating my 24th!
Great music! Laid back energy. Networking so bring your business cards!

I hope to see you there!

DJ will be LIVE and in affect, come ready to dance and party!!

*** $20 Pitchers of Sangria/ 2nd pitcher only $10***

Come and get nice and right before you start your Fashion Week Partying! 

Special shout out to my homie, Carlos for helping put this together. 


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Day 9/6/2011

So yes, for those of you keeping up, I am a little off with posting. I'm still new at this.
I wanted to show some love to my wonderful mother. Her B-Day was on the 6th!

Here is Mama J!

Isn't she lovely!
Happy Birthday MOM!
 I love you so much! The most amazing mother ever!

My Day 9/5/11

I walked from my house over to the Labor day Jamaican Parade, a nice 45 min walk.
Hot artwork in BK! located at Nostrand and Greene Ave.
Got hungry and stopped at the new checkers on Nostrand Ave. This was my view while eating. Mess!
really? Polk-a-dot undies and pink spandex, NO NO!!
dont forget that matching bag.
Me and my girl Jaime
Todays CREW!
BOOM! Had to get a pic with some costumes!
The old faithful: Nutcrackers
Nutcrakers: Poison in a bottle. Mixtures of all types of alcohol!
My homies, Rae and Gabriel
Owners of the the HOT blog:
Check it out!! You will love it!
After the cops shut down the parade. Because 28 people were shot!
Glad we got out when we did.
NEXT STOP: My homegirl's rooftop. Chill time and BBQ in BK.

Me, Rome, and my best friend Royston
The lovely ladies of the night!